How you can use 3D Scanned Data in Matrix CAD Software?

Kent West -Gemvision Corporation

by Chris Glaser / Vice President of Sales & Marketing (eLUXE3D, partner of Solutionix) 

Rexcan DS3 Gold (5.0 Mega Pixel) 

Rexcan DS3 Gold (5.0 Mega Pixel) 

 By combining precise technology, ease of use and automation, Soluionix's Rexcan DS3 scanners provide jewelers with the ability to integrate physical objects into the digital world.

Our scanners feature the latest technological advances in the industry such as Blue Light Technology, 1.3-5.0 mega-pixel resolution, Active Sync, and STL-output. Custom wedding bands, 3D digital heir-looming, irregular gem stone scanning and more all made possible with Rexcan DS3 scanners.


  • Scanning objects and scaling them in size to save us a significant amount of modeling time.
  • Scanning an existing piece of jewelry to use as the starting point for creating another piece of jewelry, allowing you to re-engineer an existing piece without taking the other piece apart.
  • Scanning surfaces which would be too difficult to measure to use as the starting point for making an object. One good example 3D scan engagement rings and create matching wedding bands.
  • Capturing design intent.
  • Digital Archiving of jewelry and components.
  • Stone scanning-large format and unique shapes.
  • Communication tool for exchange of design ideas.
  • Manufacturing QC and process evaluation.
  • Capitalize on past efforts - a large amount of data stuck in the analog world

Especially, We would like to thank Kent West at Gemvision for sharing some Matrix CAD Modeling techniques using Rexcan DS3 Gold 5.0MB Scanned Data.

Below is a link to the YouTube Video:

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