Does Your Jewelry Custom Design Department Create Matching Wedding Bands in CAD software?

by Chris Glaser / Vice President of Sales & Marketing (eLUXE3D, partner of Solutionix) 

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Do you have potential customers bringing engagement rings into your store asking for custom matching wedding bands and your store didn't sell them the original engagement ring? How often do you do you find yourself taking pictures and measurements of an engagement ring to create a matching wedding band and it doesn't fit up against the original after you 3D print the matching band? Now you have to call the customer to have them bring the engagement ring back to the store so you can take additional measurements, 3D print and try again.

How many hours a month do you feel you are wasting? How many dollars are lost? Maybe you want your potential customer to leave the engagement ring at the store but they don't want to. Now you have a lost sale opportunity.


High-Speed Jewelry Scanning is the solution. Wouldn't it be nice to quickly 3D scan the original engagement ring, hand the original engagement ring back to the customer in less then 10 minutes knowing you have all the data you will need to create a perfect fit every time?

Solutionix's High-Speed Scanners are used by jewelers every day to solve the matching wedding band problem. Having the scan eliminated the back and forth with the customer and adding weeks to the cycle on every job.

By combining precise technology, ease of use and automation, Solutionix's scanners provide jewelers with the ability to integrate physical objects into the digital world.

Our scanners feature the latest technological advances in the industry such as Blue Light Technology, 1.3-5.0 mega-pixel resolution, Active Sync, and STL-output. Custom wedding bands, 3D digital heir-looming, irregular gem stone scanning and more all made possible with Solutionix Rexcan DS3 scanners.

Training Video (Rhino)

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