Bridging the Gap Between classic Design and Modern Manufacturing

With the Solutionix’s Rexcan DS3 jewelry scanner, jewelers can efficiently and accurately create 3D scans of small objects, including loose stones and completed pieces. The Rexcan DS3 scanner is fully automated and uses structured-light technology with either 1.3 or 5.0 megapixel resolution that is ideal for scanning complex pieces. And it occupies just under one and a quarter cubic feet, so jewelers can easily add it to their work spaces.

Classic Design and Modern Manufacturing

Rexcan DS3 Silver 

Rexcan DS3 Silver 

With the Solutonix’s Rexcan DS3 scanner, jewelers can meld classic fabrication techniques with cutting-edge manufacturing processes. Many jewelers have mastered high-quality hand fabrication techniques, which are the best vehicles for their creative energies. But historically, the bridge between these techniques and modern manufacturing has been lacking. In the past, jewelers needed to photograph and trace their models in cad software—a process that is difficult, time consuming, and inexact. With the Rexcan 3D scanner, jewelers can make accurate, digital models in minutes. On top of speed and accuracy, the Rexcan 3D scanner offers new possibilities by transforming physical objects into data that can be shaped and shared.

From Hand Carving to Jewelry Product Line

Dominic Ventura is a classically trained jeweler who has worked at very fine shops in new York city and has 23 years of experience with digital design. his company, Rule of Three Design (, helps jewelers turn their art into manufacturable products. One of his clients, anthony Lent (, wanted to update a heart-and-wings ring that he had crafted over three decades ago. The original handcrafted ring was scanned with the Solutionix’s Rexcan DS3 scanner, and Dominic imported the scan into two cad programs.

Dominic used Rhino to improve the manufacturability of the ring (for example, simplifying the shank) and used ZBrush to sculpt the wings while preserving anthony’s hand. Dominic produced two variations of the ring, one for an all gold version and one with pave wings. now anthony can manufacture the updated ring by 3D printing in wax and directly casting or by making a rubber mold for high-volume orders. and because the design exists as a cad model, anthony can easily design and manufacture custom pieces, develop variations for new product lines, or even extract particular elements, such as the heart, and use them in other jewelry pieces.

Savings from an Efficient Design Process

Quick, accurate 3D scanning helps jewelry designers produce innovative, manufacturable pieces. The Rexcan DS3 scanner saves time (and reduces costs) because scanning only takes a few minutes, whereas the alternative takes hours. and because using a scanner is so much faster, it frees up staff with valuable, highly specialized skills, such as cad designers.

The Rexcan 3D scanner also amplifies creativity during the design process. Dominic Ventura says, “3D printing is the currency for the exchange of design ideas.” With the Rexcan 3D scanner, jewelers can hold discussions about their designs based on accurate, 3D-printed prototypes. and this design process gives jewelers more flexibility. The Rexcan 3D scanner makes it easier to develop cad models of jewelry that can be customized for one-off designs or optimized for large-scale production.


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