Medit's story


Since our foundation in 2000, Medit, the parent company of Solutionix, has worked to improve and revolutionize 3D imaging technology for both the industrial and dental fields.  We strive to create the highest quality products for our customers while also working to bring down cost.  Because of this, we have produced some the most advanced and most affordable 3D scanners on the market.

Medit has achieved double-digit annual growth over several years through unparalleled technology and creative product development with the aim to maximize client convenience.

Developing our own patented state-of-the-art technology, Medit's mission is to provide the opportunity of success and growth to both our clients and employees.

Rexcan & Identica

Our Identica line of dental scanners have been sold in over 42 countries around the world while our Rexcan line of industrial scanners are being used by some of the most advanced manufacturing and design firms on the globe.  

Medit's Rexcan brand of industrial 3D scanners offer superior quality for industrial use. Solutionix's new Rexcan CS2+ & Rexcan DS3 represents the height of excellence in 3D scanning. 

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The Future

As we move forward we hope to continue to create innovative products that simplify your work and improve your businesses. Our innovation will continue until we become the world's No.1 provider of 3D measurement and dental CAD/CAM solutions.