C500 is ideally designed for optimal scanning of small and medium sized objects in a highly accurate and fully automated way.


It actually is as easy as it looks! 

3D data acquisition with the Solutionix C500 is particularly fast. The speedy measurement time and intuitive, user friendly software ‘ezScan 2017’ allows you to maximize your efficiency and work productivity. Solutionix C500 adopts Blue light technology which enables user to obtain extremely detailed scan data. In addition, the design of C500 is compact despite having an
built-in controller, so it will take up minimum space, leaving room for user to utilize on other work.


Optimized for acquiring high-quality 3D scan data

Solutionix C500 consists of premium high resolution cameras that maximizes the quality of 3D scan data. To overcome the restriction implied by the size of object to scan, C500 provides user with 3 different scanning areas (90 ~ 350mm). C500 also includes 3-axis turntable, allowing users of all level to work easily and efficiently.


Fast and easy scan work with maximum efficiency


No more confusing and time consuming calibrations. Once the calibration panel is installed, simply click the calibration wizard which will guide you through an automated calibration process.  

Now users can experience one-click automatic calibration easy enough for anyone in the office.

TA300+ is optimized for automatic scanning of small and medium sized objects. It can hold objects up to 10kg in weight and 380 mm X 320 mm (W X H) in size. 


New API for customized integration

Users can use the API provided by Solutionix to control C500 and process its scan data. Furthermore, it is possible to make user's own scan application programs using various software and plug-in process.

Technical Data 

Solutionix C500 is available with different levels of detail. The measuring areas of this sensor can be changed easily, covering a range of different part size.