The Jewelry Industry's Premier Event - Tucson, AZ 


Often things that are good begin with change. In Tucson, several years ago, a revolution of sorts unexpectedly united a diverse group of people. Many gemstone dealers were unhappy with the terms of participation in the local show. They needed a show of their own. In early reflection on the things they were considering, these gemstone dealers quickly realized that they needed more than a show. They also needed to be able to help steer their own destiny, and, to do that, they needed an association to nurture the interests of member-dealers. They understood that they needed credibility but also bore a responsibility to protect the interests of buyers -- not to do just the right thing for dealers, but also for the entire industry. Events in Tucson years ago gave birth to the concept for the American Gem Trade Association.

Our partner eLUXE3D is scheduled to exhibit at the AGTA Tucson. eLUXE3D plans to display our 3D scanners 'Rexcan DS3 Silver' & 'Rexcan DS3 Gold'. eLUXE3D's booth number is 2107.

Rexcan DS3 scan your objects quickly and easily. Instead of worrying about manual measurements and accurate replications the Rexcan DS3 gives you the freedom to rest assured that your 3D image will be accurate and correct.  

If you have more information about AGTA Tucson or our jewelry scanner, please contact to our partner eLUXE 3D!


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