New ezScan8 software delivers unprecedented ease-of-use for result-driven professional 3D scanning workflows. It has increased data processing speeds and allows for a more productive and faster workflow. We are excited to announce that starting September 28, 2016, there are some of the new feature coming with the update. 


Main Function

Auto Scan

The auto scan function is only activated when you purchased Solutionix CS2+ or DS3. Click the 'Auto Scan' button to start the 'Auto Scan Process'. The turntable automatically moves to the input swing, rotation from 'Auto Scan Path' table and generates patch data by scanning. The scanned patch will be saved on the selected group and shown in the window. 

Synchronized View (Active Sync) 

Using synchronized view: double click a desired position on rendering view. Turntable will be automatically adjusted after calculating the swing, rotation and base values that will make rendering view and camera view in sync. 

Next 10

10 different angles are automatically calculated based on areas where it lacks scan data the most. After analyzing the range images within the group, swing, rotation and base values are generated accordingly. New scans are made from the previously calculated 10 difference angles, then added to the selected group. 

Key Feature

User Friendly

ezScan8 Software has an easier to use interface. Each scan processing has never been easier as each function is laid out in clearer way to reduce errors and increasing speed. Keyboard shortcuts also allow for a speedier workflow and help you to stay focused on the job at hand without having to worry about complex software controls.

Undo / Redo

Another key features of ezScan8 is its powerful new undo/redo feature. During the scanning process you may accidently delete important scan data or have incorrect alignment. No problem, simply undo your work and start over from that step - there is no need to start over from the beginning. Also, if you find yourself on a screen with multiple mistakes, simply click reset to clear the screen and start over.

Customize Your Workflow

You know what works best for you and your company and now you can customize your workflow to be more efficient according to your own work style. The scanning sequence can be changed and you can also start and stop your work at any time. You no longer have to completely finish the scan job to save your data, you can now save at any time.

If you have any question about ezScan8 software, please contact to our sales department.