As the 3D scanning market expands consumers are demanding easy-to-use scanners and user-friendly software that can quickly process and merge scan data.  The new Rexcan CS2+ offers users the ability to combine high-end 3D scanning solutions with an interface that can be used by anyone.

Researched and developed to provide maximum convenience to its users, Rexcan CS2+ will be an ideal solution for users looking for easy-to-use professional 3D scanner for a reasonable price. 

Optimized for acquiring high-quality 3D scan data

3-Axis turntable (TA300+)

3-Axis turntable (TA300+)

The new Rexcan CS2+ boasts an advanced 3D measurement technology called Phase Shifting Optical Triangulation.  

It also scans with blue light technology and features Medit’s exclusive 3-axis turntable (TA300+).

The optimized scanning angle combined with the high-end dual CCD cameras enable users to effectively scan areas beyond the pre-existing limits with no loss in quality. 

Sleek design & portability 

We designed the Rexcan CS2+ with an updated and sleek design that is lighter and more portable.   The Rexcan CS2+ is 30% lighter, making it easier to fit into your regular work space for convenient installation and day-to-day use.  

The detachable scan head weighs only 2.3 kg (5 lbs) and can be easily attached to other tripods or fixtures for larger scan objects. The Rexcan CS2+ gives you the flexibility you need to scan objects both large and small in almost any location.

Solutionix's CS2+ Video Clip

Auto Path Detection & Automated calibration 

Users can acquire an object’s 3D data with a single mouse click. After the initial scan, missing parts are automatically detected through the Auto Path Detection function and then complemented with additional scans. Users can also choose to manually add additional scans. Users can then align the scanned data without target points. The trisected screen ensures a convenient and accurate alignment process.

Also, the easy-to-use calibration process in the new Rexcan CS2+ is automated to minimize inconvenience. Users can simply attach the calibration panel then click a button for a full auto-calibration.  This feature helps users to generate appropriate scan paths depending on the scanning objects -- a very useful tool when scanning multiple objects with similar shapes.

Product Specifications

2.3 / 6.0 MP
100, 200, 400 mm (2.3 MP) / 125, 250, 500 mm (6.0 MP)
315 X 270 X 80 mm (scanner head only)
2.3 kg (scanner head only) 
3 axis movement  (diameter : 300 mm)

3D Scanning area
Portable size
Moving stage