Maximum Precision, Accuracy, & Reliability

We understand that your business depends upon accuracy and precision, and at Solutionix we have made it our mission to build reliable scanners with precision you can count on.  

Whether you are scanning for an old heirloom, a precious gem, or a ring, the Rexcan DS3 can meet your needs as we can guarantee a new level of precision and accuracy.  

Rexcan DS3's scan accuracy is regularly tested at ±10μm with a standard deviation of only ±2μm -- guaranteeing you high quality scans every time. Also, our standard blue light and structured light scan technology will continue to give you the results your team deserves.

Simplify your workflow

Our Rexcan DS3 scans your objects quickly and easily. Instead of worrying about manual measurements and accurate replications the Rexcan DS3 gives you the freedom to rest assured that your 3D image will be accurate and correct.

Save time by quickly turn any piece of small jewelry into CAD/CAM data for modification, mold & tool making, and 3D printing. Also, all scan data is saved in an open STL format, giving you the choice to work with whatever software you choose.


Simplify your jewelry design and jewelry making with the Rexcan DS3. Complex pieces can take hours to reproduce, but with the Rexcan DS3, simply scan your jewelry and edit it using your preferred CAD software. You are guaranteed a fast and accurate scan, giving you the assurance that your customers will receive exactly what they wanted.

3D printing

The Rexcan DS3 is perfect for printing small and detail rich objects. From jewelry to tool parts, the Rexcan DS3 captures all of the small and intricate details giving your 3D printer the data it needs to produce an accurate replica.

Choosing between Gold and Silver

Rexcan DS3 Gold and Rexcan DS3 Silver both provide you with superior scanning solutions for your small sized objects.  The Rexcan DS3 Silver has a scanning area of 100mm, which is perfect for a wide range of sizes.  

For more precise measurements, you can select the Rexcan DS3 Gold, which comes in two version -- one with a 50mm scanning area and one with at 120mm scanning area.  Choosing the best Rexcan DS3 scanner depends on the objects you scan most.  For tiny objects, you will see higher precision with the 50mm Rexcan DS3 Gold model, but for larger objects the 120mm model will be better.


Scanning area (FOV)

Rexcan DS3 Gold
5.0 MP
50mm or 120mm
320 x 320 x 370 (mm)
USB 2.0 B Type, IEEE-1394
AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz

Rexcan DS3 Silver
1.3 MP
290 x 290 x 240 (mm)
USB 3.0 B Type
AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz